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General Information

*** 2022-2023 IN-HOUSE LEAGUE HAS NOT YET BEEN SET UP---check back for updates in October 2022 for information on our Winter In-House League***
In-House is geared towards the K-through 6th grade children who primarily do not play at the travel level; although, some travel kids will also play In-House

-Below is last years info. for reference-

Welcome to the 2021 - 2022 Winter Basketball League for Upper Southampton!

Knight Helmet Vector Images (over 7,900)

Registration is opening 10/29/21 and up until 12/10/2021.  Leagues will be formed in December and practices and games begin in January!  We are still looking for volunteers!  
Those that offered to help we will be reaching out during the registration process!  
Obviously, the Covid Pandemic is fluid, so changes/updates are possible at any time. 


The Southampton Basketball In-House (intramural) program is strictly recreational meaning its primary purpose is 
to promote participation, with the related goals of improved physical fitness, and social interaction with peers.  Our program is the perfect fit for a variety of  individuals ranging from those who wish for an introduction to the game at a fundamental level to those who wish to practice their refined skills in a casual environment.  

The in-house league promotes active, healthy lifestyles while providing opportunities for leadership and maintaining the ideals of good sportsmanship.    The intramural program brings players of all ability levels together for fun, safe and structured play that lend directly to  the physical, mental and social development of every child.  

Leagues will be determined by the number and ages of participants.  Drafting of teams will ensure a balance of talent to create fair competitions and a sense of achievement.  Typically the league is made up of  3-4 divisions in the league.  The divisions can vary based on participation, but the following represents a typical breakdown of the In-House age groups:   
K-1st grade, 2-3rd grade, 4-6 grade, and 7-8th grade.  

Our program is solely managed and ran by volunteers.  We ask that every family consider contributing to the program or their child's team in some way:  coaching, training, organizing, book/clock keeping, etc.  If you are interested in helping out your community, please make mention on the registration form or send us an email at [email protected]

Registration Information
• Registration  deadline is 12/10/21 or when we reach our allotted numbers to allow our organization to properly plan for the upcoming season.
Please keep in mind that COVID mandates limited participation and observation so deadlines will be firm.
• All registrations are online. (Reminder: You can use last year’s username and password under “Register” and then “Already have an account?”)
• Please consider volunteering to coach a team! You will be asked to respond to a question regarding coaching during the registration process. 
• Please refer to the refund policy as it will apply to the 2021-2022 year.


Registration  DEADLINE is  12/10/2021 to allow for proper planning.
  **COVID mandates will limit participation and observation.

• All registrations are ONLINE.

• Please VOLUNTEER!   

• Please refer to the REFUND POLICY.

Initial General Info. on League Dates/Times/Fees


Cost $75

*Kindergarten and 1st Grade League:
Monday @Davis 6:15-7:30
Cost $100
*2nd and 3rd Grade League: 
Wednesday night practice at Davis
Friday night games at Davis

Cost $100
*4th through 6th Grade League:
Tuesday night practice at Davis 
Saturday morning games at Youth Center

Cost $100
*7th and 8th League:  CANCELLED-- not enough interested players


K-1st Grade Division:

Team #1:         Coach: Joe Weidenburner          Asst. Coach Ben Seum

Players:           1. Ellen Weidenburner; 2. Olivia Weidenburner; 3. Emmett Newlin; 4. Bryce Seum; 5. Mason Sulock; 6. Vincent Wilson; 7. Lukas Blaszczyk; 8. Andrew Buckalew; 9. Christian O’Brien; 10. Evelyn Harrington; 11. Maeve Meyer

Team #2:         Coach: Brian McHale            Asst. Coach Adam Bailey

Players:           1. Owen McHale; 2. Gray Bailey; 3. Zoey Wilson; 4. Moira Burnett; 5. Hannah Maxwell; 6. Stephen (TJ) Torpey; 7. Nolan DiCaprio; 8. Finnegan Dougherty; 9. Philip Curran; 10. Luke Sweeney

Team #3:         Coach: Jim Greenberg             Asst. Coach John Lauf

Players:           1. Gavin Greenberg; 2. Emily Lauf; 3. Kenzie Stavish; 4. Rylee Ingraham; 5. Aubrey Ingraham; 6.  Santiago Guerrero; 7. Luka Williams; 8. Jackson LoPiccolo; 9. Andrew Minner; 10. Benjamin Musgreave

 Team #4:         Coach: Keith Lundigran           Asst. Coach: Kelly Little

Players:           1. Austin Lundrigan; 2. Timothy Gannon; 3. Parker Kelly; 4. Luella Koegler; 5. Zoe Hilburn; 6. Emeline Fleisher; 7. Jessa Cook; 8. JP Farrell; 9. Lorenzo Lawson; 10. Vaughn Kiker; 11. Roman Taimanglo

2nd-3rd Grade Division:

Team #1:         Coach: Nicole McPeake          Asst. Coach Bob Lynch

Players:           1. Luke McPeake; 2. Vincent Lynch; 3. Benjamin Bachinsky; 4. Cliff Krawchuk; 5. Charles Schubert; 6. Ryan Conlon; 7. Raymond Barbosa; 8. Mason Lutek; 9. Ethan Rueger

Team #2:         Coach: Matt Guerrera            Asst. Coach Mike Ritchie

Players:           1. Camryn Guerrera; 2. Aidan Ritchie; 3. Sloane Miller; 4. Hailey Szymkowiak; 5. Austin Baun; 6. Julian Maizel; 7. Jack Kerr; 8. Michael Poderis; 9. Gretchen Rosenfeld

Team #3:         Coach: Jason Chacker             Asst. Coach Alex Verbich

Players:           1. Benjamin Chacker; 2. Jameson Verbich; 3. Carter Catagnus; 4. Abraham George; 5. Macklin Phillips; 6. Carson Fluehr; 7. Kayden Pilawski; 8. Gregory Silenok; 9. John Foley

 Team #4:         Coach: Andy Newman            Asst. Coach: Mike Lentz

Players:           1. Taylor Newman; 2. Zachary Lentz; 3. Nathaniel Lentz; 4. Christopher Pedano; 5. Bryce Charokopos-Wilson; 6. Owen Smith; 7. Keirlyn Harta; 8. John Koegler; 9. Cameryn Hofmann

Team #5:         Coach: Jared Sandler              Asst. Coaches: Greg Fasano

Players:           1. Harvey Sandler; 2. Amelia Fasano; 3. Kurt Dolson; 4. Lukas Dolson; 5. Weston Cook; 6. Timothy Hrycyszyn; 7. Mason Sawicki; 8. Elijah Bradford; 9. Michele Minetola

Team #6:         Coach: Sam Cramer                Asst. Todd Nobili

Players:           1. Bryson Cramer; 2. Luke Nobili;3. James Dunne; 4. Lorenzo DiLucca; 5. Ryan Boone; 6. Roman Jakimoski; 7. Nita Todria; 8. Bryce Ingraham; 9. Lily Netterville

4th-6th Grade Division:

Team #1:         Coach: Alicia Pagano/Brandon Best

Players:           1. Charles Pagano; 2. Brandon Alburger; 3. Nehemiah Best; 4. Christian Kwon;
5. Braydon Miller; 6. Lucas Lorenz; 7. Chase Paley; 8. Jacob Hawkins; 9. James Kulpa

Team #2:         Coach: Todd Nobili

Players:           1. Todd Nobili; 2.  Brayde Rementer; 3. Nate Givens; 4. Haven Hamilton; 5. Destiny Ingraham; 6. Breck Fleuhr; 7. Nathan Sam; 8. Tyler Marsch; 9. Bradley Carver

Team #3:         Coach: Brian Vernick

Players:           1.Michael Vernick; 2.Silas Rosenfeld; 3.Hanna Wong; 4.Malakai Biedka; 5.Lucy Fasano; 6.Mario Fasano; 7.Jackson Hunter; 8. Hunter Conroy; 9. Sofia Mushinsky

Team #4:         Coach: Cynthia Stewart / Ben Seum

Players:           1. Justin Stewart; 2. Tyler Seum; 3. Alex Vogt; 4. Christian Kashishian; 5. Sadie O’Neill; 6. Heidi Guerrero; 7. Jace Courchain; 8. David Tskhadaia; 9. Mikheili Berishvili

Words To Live By

LEAGUE OVERVIEW- Team Practice Schedule & Game Schedule


The league will begin the week of Monday January 10th and run through the end of the week of March 21st ; each division has different start dates and end dates.  We will keep the last week of March open for potential rescheduling due to snow or health-based closures.


Monday Nights 6:15pm to 7:30pm Davis Elementary School

4 teams in the league 

Team #1: Coach: Joseph Weidenburner  Asst. Coach Benjamin Seum

Team #2: Coach: Brian McHale Asst. Coach Adam Bailey 

Team #3: Coach: Jim Greenberg Asst. Coach John Lauf

Team #4: Coach: Keith Lundrigan Asst. Coach Kelly Little


January 10th Skills and Drills Stations (1/2) Team Practice (1/2)



January 31st Skills and Drills Stations (1/2) Team Practice (1/2)

February 7th Team Practice (1/2) - Game (1/2) [1 v. 2; 3 v. 4]

February 14th Team Practice (1/2) - Game (1/2) [1 v. 3; 2 v. 4]


February 28th Team Practice (1/2) - Game (1/2) [1 v. 4; 2 v. 3]

March 7th Team Practice (1/2) - Game (1/2) [1 v. 2; 3 v. 4]

March 14th - Cancelled- Building closed 

March 21st Team Practice (1/2) - Game (1/2) [1 v. 4; 2 v. 3]

March 28th Game (1/2) [1 v. 3; 2 v. 4]- Awards 

Coaches run the games with instructional On-Court assistance; No Score is kept, no playoffs; Coaches decide what fouls are called.  Focus is on teaching fundamentals

2nd & 3rd Grade DIVISION:

Wednesday Practice: Davis Elementary School.  ***** PLEASE NOTE YOUR RESPECTIVE TEAM'S PRACTICE TIME*****

TEAMS #1 & #5 will practice from 6:00pm - 6:45pm

TEAMS #2 & #4 will practice from 6:45pm - 7:30pm

TEAMS #3 & #6 will practice from 7:30pm – 8:15pm

Friday Games: Davis Elementary School

Games will be 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Games will be 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Games will be 8:00pm – 9:00pm

1 certified referee  per game 

6 teams in the league 

Team #1: Coach: Nicole McPeake Asst. Coach Bob Lynch

Team #2: Coach: Matt Guerrera Asst. Coach Mike Ritchie

Team #3: Coach: Jason Chacker Asst. Coach Alex Verbich

Team #4: Coach: Andy Newman Asst. Coach: Mike Lentz

Team #5: Coach: Jared Sandler Asst. Coaches: Greg Fasano

Team #6: Coach: Sam Cramer Asst. Todd Nobili


January 12th Practice

January 14th Game [6pm: 1 v. 2; 7pm: 3 v. 4; 8pm: 5 v. 6]

January 19th Practice

January 21st Game [6pm: 5 v. 4; 7pm: 1 v. 6; 8pm: 2 v. 3]

January 26th Practice

January 28th Game [6pm: 3 v. 1; 7pm: 2 v. 5; 8pm: 6 v. 4]

February 2nd Practice

February 4th Game [6pm: 2 v. 6; 7pm: 4 v. 1; 8pm: 3 v. 5]

February 9th Practice

February 11th Game [6pm: 1 v. 5; 7pm: 6 v. 3; 8pm: 4 v. 2]

February 16th Practice

February 18th Game [6pm: 1 v. 2; 7pm: 3 v. 4; 8pm: 5 v. 6]

February 23rd Practice

February 25th Game [6pm: 5 v. 4; 7pm: 1 v. 6; 8pm: 2 v. 3]

March 2nd Practice

March 4th Game [6pm: 3 v. 1; 7pm: 2 v. 5; 8pm: 6 v. 4]

March 9th Practice

March 11th Game [6pm: 2 v. 6; 7pm: 4 v. 1; 8pm: 3 v. 5]

March 16th Practice

March 18th Game [6pm: 1 v. 5; 7pm: 6 v. 3; 8pm: 4 v. 2]

March 23rd Practice

Mach 25th Championship 

(Best Record vs. Second Best Record; 3rd vs. 4th; 5th vs. 6th)

4th - 6th Grade DIVISION:

Tuesday Practice: Davis Elementary School.               ***** PLEASE NOTE YOUR RESPECTIVE TEAM'S PRACTICE TIME*****

Teams #2 & #4 will practice from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Teams #1 & #3 will practice from 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Saturday Games: Southampton Youth Center

Games will be 9:00am – 10:00am

Games will be 10:00am – 11:00am

4 teams in the league 

Team #1: Coach: Alicia Pagano

Team #2: Coach: Todd Nobili

Team #3: Coach: Brian Vernick

Team #4: Coach: Cynthia Stewart Asst. Coach: Ben Seum


January 11th Practice

January 15th Game [9am: 1 v. 2; 10am: 3 v. 4]

January 18th Practice

January 22nd Game [9am: 1 v. 3; 10am: 2 v. 4]

January 25th Practice

January 29th Game [9am: 1 v. 4; 10am: 2 v. 3]

February 1st  Practice

February 5th Game [9am: 1 v. 2; 10am: 3 v. 4]

February 8th Practice

February 12th Game [9am: 1 v. 3; 10am: 2 v. 4]

February 15th Practice

February 19th Game [9am: 1 v. 4; 10am: 2 v. 3]

February 22nd Practice

February 26th Game [9am: 1 v. 2; 10am: 3 v. 4]

March 1st Practice

March 5th Game [9am: 1 v. 3; 10am: 2 v. 4]

March 8th Practice

March 12th Game [9am: 1 v. 4; 10am: 2 v. 3]

March 15th Practice

March 19th PLAYOFFS (TBD)

March 22nd Practice


1 certified referee per game


Southampton Basketball
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Email: [email protected]

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