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General Information

Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 Winter Basketball CO-ED League for Upper Southampton!

In-House is geared towards the K-through 6th grade children who primarily do not play at the travel level; although, some travel kids will also play In-House

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Registration is opening 10/23/2023 at 5pm and up until 11/30/2023 at 9pm (or earlier if capacity limits are met).  Leagues will be formed in December and practices and games begin first (or second) week of January!  More Details of start date for each team/division will be posted in December after divisions/teams are formed.

We are still looking for volunteers!  

Those that offered to help we will be reaching out during the registration process!   Without parents stepping up to coach, we will not be able to have teams/league-- so please step up!


The Southampton Basketball In-House (intramural) program is strictly recreational meaning its primary purpose is 
to promote participation, with the related goals of improved physical fitness, and social interaction with peers.  Our program is the perfect fit for a variety of  individuals ranging from those who wish for an introduction to the game at a fundamental level to those who wish to practice their refined skills in a casual environment.  

The co-ed in-house league promotes active, healthy lifestyles while providing opportunities for leadership and maintaining the ideals of good sportsmanship.    The intramural program brings players of all ability levels together for fun, safe and structured play that lend directly to  the physical, mental and social development of every child.  

Leagues will be determined by the number and ages of participants.  Typically the league is made up of  3-4 divisions in the league.  The divisions can vary based on participation, but the following represents a typical breakdown of the In-House age groups:   
K-1st grade, 2-3rd grade, and 4-6 grade.  

Last year we had 8 teams in the K-1 div.; 6 teams in the 2-3 div.; and 4 teams in the 4-6 div.--  number of teams will depend on registration numbers and gym space availability.

Our program is solely managed and ran by volunteers.  We ask that every family consider contributing to the program or their child's team in some way:  coaching, training, organizing, book/clock keeping, etc.  If you are interested in helping out your community, please make mention on the registration form or send us an email at [email protected]

Registration Information

• Registration deadline is 11/30/2023 or when we reach our allotted numbers to allow our organization to properly plan for the upcoming season.  
***Due to limited Gym Space, limited Gym Time, and limited Volunteers, we can only host a certain amount of players in each division.  When a division fills up, then that division will be CLOSED to any further registrants.  When a division fills up prior to the registration deadline (which typically occurs), you will no longer see the applicable division for your child; meaning, if your child is supposed to be in the K-1 division and the K-1 division is filled, and you enter the registration portal, you may see other programs (such as 2nd-3rd grade division, or 4-6 division) BUT the K-1 division will no longer be an option as it disappears when it is filled up.

With that in mind: 1) register early, 2) YOU CANNOT REGISTER YOUR CHILD FOR A DIVISION THAT IS NOT SPECIFICALLY FOR THEIR GRADE; if you do so, you will be refunded your money, less any processing fees, and your child will not be permitted to join the incorrect division;  again- do NOT sign up for the wrong division; if it is no longer available (visible on your screen to register for), then the program is closed.

• All registrations are online. (Reminder: You can use last year’s username and password under “Register” and then “Already have an account?”)
• Please consider volunteering to coach a team! You will be asked to respond to a question regarding coaching during the registration process. 
• Please refer to the refund policy.



K-1st Grade Division:

Team Red:           Coach – Tyler Shead

1.       Christopher Boyd

2.       Austin Arabia

3.       Samuel Dailey

4.       Madison Ewald

5.       Rylee Ewald

6.       Brad Adams

7.       Luke Taylor

8.       Luke Wojciechowicz

Team Blue:          Coach – Jake Cramer

1.       Madyson Cramer

2.       Aubrey Wilson

3.       Savannah Tisdale

4.       Kyler McGovern

5.       Remy McGovern

6.       Declan Dougherty

7.       Nolan Vassallo

8.       Jaden Dornisch

Team Green:       Coach – Jason Chacker

1.       Daniel Chacker

2.       Ethan Fischer

3.       Kyle Fischer

4.       Savannah Heun

5.       Avery Horton

6.       Liam Rosenberg

7.       Justin Schernecke

8.       Anthony Rotondo

Team Purple:      Coach - Kevin Lynch

1.       Mila Lynch

2.       Edward Maxwell

3.       Hannah Maxwell

4.       Easton McCool

5.       Joseph Whiteley

6.       James Welsh

7.       Nicholas Brothman III

Team Orange:    Coach – Ashleigh Newlin

1.       Sienna Newlin

2.       Lucas Dempsey

3.       Nolan Harbinson

4.       Kiersten Haar

5.       Liam Swank

6.       Oliver Swank

7.       Gary Lee

8.       Drew Neumann

Team Black:         Coach – Ed Woltemate

1.     Austin Woltemate

2.     Connor Harta

3.     Michael Harta

4.     Andrew Welke

5.     Colin Hoffman

6.     Shayne Green

7.     George Cesarini

8.     Mike Beverly

Team Pink:     Coach - Van’t Hoenderdaal

1.     Weston Van't Hoenderdaal

2.     JJ DiPipi

3.     Bobby Gallagher

4.     Christian Seiple

5.     Chelsea Oswald

6.     John Perrone

7.     Jaxon Gallagher

8.     Stephen Gibson

Team Gray:     Coach - McFillin

1.     Patrick McFillin

2.     Linus Downey

3.     Mason Pratico

4.     Parker Feingold

5.     Charlotte Downey

6.     Patrick Torphy

7.     Gavin Vinciguerra

8.     Sydney Sulock

2nd-3rd Grade Division:

Team Red:           Coach – Charles Winslow

1.       Taelor Winslow

2.       Luka Williams

3.       Francis Brown

4.       Finn Torphy

5.       Jackson LoPiccolo

6.       Dean Plotts

7.       Nicolas Daily

Team Blue:          Coach – Jacquelyn Schuster

1.       Victoria Welsh

2.       Logan Corso

3.       Kyle Rrapi

4.       Issac Matthew

5.       Carter Carraccio

6.       Avery Wojciechowicz

7.       Charlotte Fleuhr

Team Green:       Coach – James Saur

1.       Landon Saur

2.       Brantly Wiggins

3.       Julie Hack

4.       Emily Hack

5.       Madison Wimsey

6.       Anthony Gunko

7.       Alex Dyban

Team Purple:      Coach – Tom Mueller

1.       Tommy Mueller

2.       Vaughn Kiker

3.       Lorenzo Lawson

4.       Jp Farrell

5.       Vincent Wilson

6.       Mason Sulock

7.       Roman Taimanglo

Team Orange:    Coach – Jose Rodriguez

1.       Eric Rodriguez

2.       Kane Beamer

3.       Grace Foley

4.       Christopher Foley

5.       Scarlett Crossin

6.       Elijah Davis

7.       Jacob Dolson

Team Black:         Coach – Matthew Thieroff

1.       Max Thieroff

2.       Gavin Watts

3.       Jackson Weidman

4.       Greta Mathis

5.       Jason Gratten

6.       Brayden Harr

7.       Blake Hill

4th-6th Grade Division:

Team Red:           Coach – James Fluehr

1.       Breck Fleuhr

2.       Carson Fleuhr

3.       Chris Bray

4.       Cameron Caputo

5.       Martin Overline

6.       Drake Callahan

7.       George Clark

8.       Charlotte Gunn

9.       Khloe DiGacomo

10.   Jonathan Catelli

Team Blue:          Coach – Craig Dolson

1.       Kurt Dolson

2.       Lukas Dolson

3.       Carter Picozzi

4.       Daniel Hilson

5.       Connor Abbott

6.       Chase Harding

7.       Sophie Tisdale

8.       Evelyn Sulock

9.       Jackson Schmalbach

Team Green:               Coach – Ben Seum

1.       Bryce Seum

2.       Braylon Bradbury

3.       Jordan Kozuch

4.       Joey Rrapi

5.       Scott Felker

6.       Landon Collins

7.       Rick Fischer

8.       Sean Fletcher

9.       Lorenzo DiLucca

10.   Lucia Saur

Team Purple:      Coach – Courtney Wojtusik

1.       Nicholas Wojtusik

2.       Eddie Henwood

3.       Richard Sturts

4.       Heath Mitchell

5.       Noah Wieczorek

6.       Logan Guillaume

7.       Xander Rothstein

8.       Michael Poderis

9.       John Foley


Words To Live By

Initial General Info. on League Dates/Times/Fees

League begins in first or second week of 2024---General Schedule Info. Below-- see each team's more specific schedule as well

*Kindergarten and 1st Grade League-- Cost $75:
-practice/games will occur during their Saturday time slots-- teams will be assigned either the first time slot or second time slot on Saturday.

Saturday @ Community Center 8:00am to 9:15am
Saturday @ Community Center 9:15am to 10:30am

*2nd and 3rd Grade League-- Cost $100:
 -practice will occur on Wednesday at Davis Elementary School
 - games will occur on Friday at Davis Elementary School

Practice Times are on WEDNESDAY at either: 6:15pm-7pm; 7pm-7:45pm or 7:45pm-8:30pm
Game Times are on FRIDAY at either 6:15-7:15pm, 7:15-8:15pm, or 8:15-9:15pm

*4th through 6th Grade League-- Cost $100:
-practice will occur at Davis Elementary School on Tuesdays
-games will occur at the Community Center on Saturdays

Practice Times on Tuesday at Davis -- are either 6:15pm-7:15pm or 7:15pm-8:15pm

Game Times on Saturday at the Community Center-- are either10:30am to 11:30am or 11:30am-12:30pm

This is the General Schedule Info.--- actual schedules will be posted below; the above schedule MAY change depending on the number of registrants, teams, gym availability; if a black out date or weather affect a practice or game day then said, practice or game may be cancelled and not made up or may be played on a different day than noted above-- see actual schedule below for details.

As a part of their registration fee, each player will receive a Southampton In-House jersey/shirt.


Registration  DEADLINE is  11/30/23 to allow for proper planning.  Divisions typically fill up PRIOR to the deadline, so do NOT wait;  space is limited, and you will NOT be personally notified when divisions are filled; thus, register immediately; further, do NOT register your child for a division that does not comply with their actual grade; if you do, your child will be removed, and you will be refunded your registration fee LESS any processing fees.

• All registrations are ONLINE.

• Please VOLUNTEER!   

• Please refer to the REFUND POLICY.

LEAGUE OVERVIEW- Team Practice Schedule & Game Schedule



The league will begin the week of Monday January 8th and run through the end of the week of March ; each division has different start dates and end dates.  We will keep the last week of March open for potential rescheduling due to snow or health-based closures.


2024 K - 1st Schedule

All K-1 will be played on Saturday mornings

All K-1 games are at Southampton Community Center

First two weeks of the season will be skills/drills & practice 
The remainder of the season will be 30 min of skills/ drills with the remaining 45 mins used for game time

Team Red: Shead

Team Blue: Cramer

Team Green: Chacker

Team Purple: Lynch

Team Orange: Newlin

Team Black: Woltemate

Team Pink: Van’t Hoenderdaal

Team Gray: McFillin




January 13th

8:00-9:15 am Skills & Drills / Practice        

                Teams: Red, Blue, Green, & Purple

9:15-10:30 am Skills & Drills / Practice     

                Teams: Orange, Black, Pink, & Gray

January 20th

8:00-9:15 am Skills & Drills / Practice        

                Teams: Red, Blue, Green, & Purple

9:15-10:30 am Skills & Drills / Practice     

                Teams: Orange, Black, Pink, & Gray


January 27th 

8:00-9:15 am Team Red vs Team Blue

                        Team Green vs Team Purple                                       

9:15-10:30 am Team Orange vs Team Black

                        Team Pink vs Team Gray

February 3rd

8:00-9:15 am Team Red vs Team Green

                        Team Blue vs Team Purple                                         

9:15-10:30 am Team Pink vs Team Black

                        Team Orange vs Team Gray

February 10th

8:00-9:15 am Team Red vs Team Purple

                        Team Green vs Team Blue                                    

9:15-10:30 am Team Orange vs Team Pink

                        Team Black vs Team Gray

February 17th

8:00-9:15 am Team Blue vs Team Orange

                        Team Green vs Team Black                                    

9:15-10:30 am Team Red vs Team Gray

                        Team Purple vs Team Pink


February 24th

8:00-9:15 am Team Blue vs Team Black

                        Team Green vs Team Orange              

9:15-10:30 am Team Red vs Team Pink

                        Team Purple vs Team Gray

March 2nd

8:00-9:15 am Team Red vs Team Orange

                        Team Green vs Team Gray                                       

9:15-10:30 am Team Blue vs Team Pink

                        Team Purple vs Team Black


March 9th

8:00-9:15 am Team Red vs Team Black

                        Team Green vs Team Pink                                              

9:15-10:30 am Team Blue vs Team Gray

                        Team Purple vs Team Orange

March 16th

8:00-9:15 am Team Red vs Team Blue

                        Team Green vs Team Purple                                           

9:15-10:30 am Team Orange vs Team Black

                        Team Pink vs Team Gray

Coaches run the games with instructional On-Court assistance; No Score is kept, no playoffs; Coaches decide what fouls are called.  Focus is on teaching fundamentals


2nd & 3rd Grade DIVISION:

Practice: Davis Elementary School.


TEAMS Blue & Orange will practice from 6:15pm – 7:00pm

TEAMS Red & Purple will practice from 7:00pm - 7:45pm

TEAMS Green & Black will practice from 7:45pm – 8:30pm


Games Nights: Davis Elementary School

Games will be 6:15pm – 7:15pm

Games will be 7:15pm – 8:15pm

Games will be 8:15pm – 9:15pm

1 certified referee per game 

6 teams in the league 


Team Red: Coach: Winslow

Team Blue: Coach: Schuster

Team Green: Coach: Saur

Team Purple: Coach: Mueller

Team Orange: Coach: Rodriguez

Team Black: Coach: Thieroff



Wednesday, January 10th – Practice

Friday January 12th - Game [6:15pm: Red v. Blue - 7:15pm: Green v. Purple - 8:15pm: Orange v. Black]

Friday January 19th - Game [6:15pm: Orange v. Purple - 7:15pm: Red v. Black - 8:15pm: Blue v. Green]

Wednesday January 24th – Practice

Friday January 26th - Game [6:15pm: Green v. Red - 7:15pm: Blue v. Orange - 8:15pm: Black v. Purple]

Wednesday January 31st – Practice

Friday February 2nd - Game [6:15pm: Blue v. Black – 7:15pm: Purple v. Red - 8:15pm: Green v. Orange]

Wednesday February 7th - Game [6:15pm: Red v. Orange – 7:15pm: Black v. Green – 8:15pm: Purple v. Blue]

Wednesday February 14th – Practice

Wednesday February 21st - Practice

Friday February 23rd – Game [6:15pm: Red v. Blue - 7:15pm: Green v. Purple - 8:15pm: Orange v. Black]

Wednesday February 28th - Practice

Friday March 1st - Game [6:15pm: Orange v. Purple - 7:15pm: Red v. Black - 8:15pm: Blue v. Green]

Wednesday March 6th– Practice

Friday March 8th - Game [6:15pm: 3 v. 1 - 7:15pm: 2 v. 5 – 8:15pm: 6 v. 4]

Friday March 15th  - Championship 

(Best Record vs. Second Best Record; 3rd vs. 4th; 5th vs. 6th)
 for 5th 6:15pm:
for 3rd 7:15pm:
for 1st 8:15pm:

4th - 6th Grade DIVISION:

Tuesday Practice: Davis Elementary School.              


Teams Blue & Purple will practice from 6:15pm – 7:15pm

Teams Red & Green will practice from 7:15pm – 8:15pm

Saturday Games: Southampton Youth Center

Games will be 10:30am – 11:30am

Games will be 11:30am – 12:30pm


4 teams in the league 


Team Red: Coach: Fleuhr

Team Blue: Coach: Dolson

Team Green: Coach: Seum

Team Purple: Coach: Wojtusik


Tuesday January 9th – Practice

Saturday January 13th - Game [10:30 am: Red v. Blue; 11:30 am: Green v. Purple]

Tuesday January 16th – Practice

Saturday January 20th - Game [10:30am: Red v. Green; 11:30am: Blue v. Purple]

Tuesday January 23rd – Practice

Saturday January 27th - Game [10:30am: Red v. Purple; 11:30am: Blue v. Green]

January 30th Practice

Saturday February 3rd - Game [10:30 am: Red v. Blue; 11:30 am: Green v. Purple]

Tuesday February 6th – Practice

Saturday February 10th - Game [10:30am: Red v. Purple; 11:30am: Blue v. Green]

Tuesday February 13th – Practice

Saturday February 17t - Game [10:30am: Red v. Green; 11:30am: Blue v. Purple]

Tuesday February 20th – Practice

Saturday February 24th - Game [10:30 am: Red v. Blue; 11:30 am: Green v. Purple]

Tuesday February 27th - Practice

Saturday March 2nd h - Game [10:30am: Red v. Green; 11:30am: Blue v. Purple]

Tuesday March 5th – Practice

Saturday March 9th - Game [10:30am: Red v. Purple; 11:30am: Blue v. Green]

Tuesday March 12th – Practice


Saturday March 16th - PLAYOFFS ROUND 1

                Game A: #1 seed vs. #4 seed @ 10:30 am

                Game B: #2 seed vs #3 seed   @11:30am


Tuesday March 19th – Practice


Saturday March 23rd - CHAMPIONSHIP

                Winner of Game A vs.   Winner of Game B   @ 10:30 am

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


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