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For those players that were selected to a travel team.  Congrats to making a travel team.  You should be very proud...but the work is just beginning.  

Finally, REGISTRATION WILL OPEN THIS FRIDAY 10/6/23 at 6pm.  Registration will ONLY be open until Sunday 10/8/23 at 9pm.  If you want to keep your roster spot, you must register during that time frame.  If you try out for two travel teams and make both teams, you must register and pay for both teams.  If there is a true financial hardship, please reach out to the basketball board at [email protected].

Coaches will be in touch with the team in the following week regarding uniform ordering process, practice (which will formally start the first week of November), and required documents to be filled out.  All players need complete an ICBA medical release form and all NEW players to the ICBA league need to provide a copy of your birth certificate.  You must complete forms for each team you make.  If you make two travel teams, you should submit the required forms to each travel coach.

2023-2024 Upper Southampton TRAVEL Basketball Try-Out Schedule


Location for ALL tryouts below: Upper Southampton Rec Center: 913 Willow St, Southampton, PA 18966

Length: 1 hour

What to bring: Water and a Basketball

Registration-- ** you do NOT need to register in order to tryout for a travel team.  Registration will only occur if you make a travel team.


Updates are posted on our Website or Facebook….All Facebook updates are also automatically posted on our website homepage for those who do not have Facebook.

3rd grade teams are “NEW” teams because it is the first year of travel.  Thus, we need leaders to step up for both the 3rd grade boys and girls potential teams, as well for the other teams listed above where a coach is needed.  We need parents to step up, recruit players/friends of your children to try out, and if interested in coaching, please reach out to our board via email: [email protected]

*Southampton Travel teams compete in the ICBA and follow ICBA roster rules, limiting the amount of out of township players on each team.  Out of township members are welcome to tryout, but selection on the team is based upon following those rules and guidelines:

*Tryouts will be conducted by the teams’ head coach, board members and/or other talent evaluators.

*Roster size may vary team to team, but ultimately, you are looking at a minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 per team, with it most likely being around 10 players selected per team.’

Travel Team Registration Fee—$225.00.  This is the fee you must pay to play and practice with a travel team. 

UNIFORMS and Swag Shop--   Uniform costs are separate from registration fee and will be paid directly to the uniform company to keep costs as low as we can.



General Information

Tryouts:  generally in September/October

Practice Starts: typically team practices start the first week of November

Season: First ICBA travel games are usually the 2nd week of December, and then there is a break for the holidays, and then games every week through January, February with Playoffs starting in early March.

Pre-Season Tournament- some teams will play in the ICBA King of Court tournament, which take place at the end of November and first two weeks of December.

Travel Basketball Philosophy

The Southampton Basketball Travel program is well suited for the players who seek to improve their skill sets while performing in a high level of competition.  Travel programs do just that - they travel to other townships who share in the excitement and challenge of competitive sports. 

In theory, there is a clear demarcation between purely recreational pursuits and competitive sports.   Travel programs are designed to place a greater emphasis on competition and achievement than an intramural (in-house) program.  Travel basketball teams works to attain success through rigorous practice and an increased competition schedule.  Typically, players and teams strive to increase their physical fitness, improve their basketball related skill-sets, and enhance their knowledge of the game while participating in a travel level program.   Competitive sport involves not only contests, but it also tends to advance as a central theme:  consistent progress and level advancement.  Additionally, there are higher expectations regarding both performance and commitment to the sport in the recreational sphere. 

We believe that youth sporting events, at all levels, should be a healthy, fun, and positive aspect of a young person’s life. Participation in sports should impart lifelong values, which are the behavioral foundation of our future generation.  Southampton Basketball takes pride in our players and in turn, we expect they take pride in representing their community and themselves.  Our goal, with the reliance on voluntary coaches,  is to teach strong moral values and outstanding character in both word and by example. We insist that no matter the ability, commitment, or competitive level of our travel teams or individual players,  we embody the philosophy of good sportsmanship.

2023-2024 Travel Teams - Boys

2023-2024 BOYS Travel Teams 

3rd grade boys

  1. Shane Fox
  2. Thomas Salter
  3. Jaiden Henry
  4. Bryce Seum
  5. Patrick Harbison
  6. Liam Netterville
  7. Liam Walker
  8. Christian Oswald
  9. Jaxon Schernecke
  10. Terence Collins
  11. Lukas Moharita

Coach:           Brian Fox- [email protected]


4th grade boys

  1. Ben Bachinsky
  2. RJ Barbosa
  3. Owen Brennan
  4. Ben Chacker
  5. Ryan Conlon
  6. Roman Jakimoski
  7. Cliff Krawchuk
  8. Vincent Lynch
  9. Richard McFillin
  10. Luke McPeake

Coaches:       Bob Lynch: [email protected] and Brian McPeake: [email protected]


5th grade boys

  1. Weston Cook 
  2. Eli Guzman 
  3. Austin Baun 
  4. James Dunne 
  5. Luke Nobili 
  6. Rodger Bueno
  7. Jack Kerr 
  8. Bryson Cramer 
  9. Elvin Guzman “Bunny”
  10. Billy Reilly 
  11. Connor Mullin 
  12. Bryce Charokopos-Wilson 

Coach:           Jake Cramer: [email protected]


6th grade boys

  1. Christian Thomas 
  2. Ryan Neumann
  3. Ryan MacConnell
  4. Luke Moffatt 
  5. Chase Paley
  6. James Kirk 
  7. Andrew Guenther
  8. Michael Blaszczyk
  9. Bryson Cramer

Coach:           Vince Moffatt- [email protected]

7th grade boys

  1. Gabriel Weidner
  2. Nathan Weidner
  3. Kyle Malpezzi 
  4. Colin Lichorobiec
  5. Tyler Seum
  6. Justin Stewart
  7. Jack Lane
  8. Eli Van’t Hoenderdaal
  9. Todd Nobili

Coach:           Todd Nobili - [email protected]

8th grade boys

  1. Charlie Pagano
  2. Silas Rosenfeld 
  3. Alex Vogt
  4. Brandon Alburger 
  5. Aidan O'Flaherty 
  6. Christian Kashishian
  7. Seth Ball
  8. Christian Archut

Coaches:       Matt Rosenfeld: [email protected]


2023-2024 Travel Teams - Girls

2023-2024 GIRLS Travel Teams

4th grade girls 

  1. Jane Collins
  2. Stella Elenback
  3. Maddie Emory
  4. Camryn Guerrera
  5. Keirlyn Harta
  6. Katy Hause
  7. Kennedy Mickle
  8. Hayden Netterville
  9. Lilyana Netterville
  10. Taylor Newman
  11. Evelyn Sulock

Coaches: Matt Netterville- [email protected] and Christie Shaw- [email protected]


5th grade girls

  1. Eliana Ammaturo
  2. Emerson DeFortuna
  3. Ryan Gayo 
  4. Alivia Harrigan
  5. Abby Meredith
  6. Caelyn Regina
  7. Gretchen Rosenfeld
  8. Raya Taimanglo
  9. Gianna Tskadeis
  10. Teagan Winslow

Coaches: Victoria Winslow- [email protected] and Allison DeFortuna:


7th grade girls

  1. Angelina Bachman
  2. Julianna Bachman
  3. Lilly DeFortuna
  4. Isabella Frankina
  5. Ashley Kelly
  6. Giuliana Lynch
  7. Devon MacDonald
  8. Evie Poehlmann
  9. Sloan Santienello
  10. Ava Schmalbach
  11. Giuliana Vizza
  12. Hannah Wong

Coaches: Bob Lynch: [email protected] and Lorenzo Vizza: [email protected]


8th grade girls 

  1. Angelina Bachmann
  2. Julianna Bachmann
  3. Giada Cosenza
  4. Sophia Demito
  5. Olivia Fey
  6. Leah Guzman
  7. Alexandra Kogut
  8. Devon MacDonald
  9. Carissa Malpezzi
  10. Ella Rahn
  11. Alexa Thackray
  12. Hannah Wong

Coache: Nick Cosenza: [email protected]



Player Jersey #s must comply with the following requirement:  DIGITS  0-5 only; the smallest number is 00, and the largest # is 55; we cannot have a 00 and a 0; any other combo of digits 0-5 are permitted (for clarity-- you cannot have a number with 6, 7, 8, or 9 in it).

Coach's will coordinate with their players to work out uniform numbers. The uniform store (Runaround) will advise us of any conflicts in players numbers-- if that occurs, we will reach out to you for a new number.

ALL TRAVEL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE A TEAM UNIFORM and A TEAM PRACTICE PINNIE-- OUR UNIFORM & PINNIE are the SAME this year (2023-2024),  as last year.  Thus, if you are a returning travel player, and your uniform from last year still fits, you can use it again this year.

Here is the link for the travel basketball uniform and pinnie:

***REMINDER-- BEFORE YOU PAY ONLINE- talk to your team Coach to make sure the number selected is proper and/or not already taken!

UNIFORM STORE CLOSES ON (10/18/20023 at 11:59pm )--- please order your uniform immediately
DO NOT BE LATE with your uniform order- there is a four week turnaround on the uniforms and in order for them to arrive on time for the first tournament/game.

There is also a long sleeve hooded tee that is available for purchase- players typically wear these during game warmups and while on the bench; they are not required, but may be purchased.

SPIRIT WEAR SHOP-- for anyone interested in order some SOUTHAMPTON KNIGHTS SWAG-- please click the link below

SPIRIT WEAR SHOP CLOSES ON:  October 25, 2023 at 11:59pm

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


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